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Safety is Freedom defines an attitude and an approach to risk management. We have talked about this at Henry’s Avalanche Talk ever since we started. Now we are launching these webinars to explore the subject of risk management and decision making through the experiences of successful people in adventure sports, business, finance, medicine, healthcare, military, aviation etc.

Safety and Freedom are mostly seen as opposites, but is that right? We have seen that it is by knowing that we are basing decisions on fact and evidence, for example, that we can be free to enjoy our adventure sport, to succeed in business, to invest for growth, succeed in a mission and to provide medical care. Dr. Atul Gawande, the lead author of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist, says: ‘Discipline makes daring possible’, and we need to pay attention to that.

Every two weeks (or more often) we will speak with someone with experience and insights on managing risk and staying safe so you can have more fun or enjoy more success. Much of this will come from the world of snowsports and mountain adventure. But we plan to talk with people from other sports and the world of finance, medical practice, airline pilots and business.

In this second webinar we are privileged to be able to speak with Dan Egan.

Dan is an extreme skiing pioneer and has appeared in 14 Warren Miller Films and is known for skiing the most remote regions of the world. In 2001 Powder Magazine named him one of the most influential skiers of our time. Egan is an award-winning video producer specializing in action sports, and sailing. As a journalist, he has covered three Olympics and is a sought motivational speaker. He has authored three books, All Terrain Skiing, “Body Mechanics and Balance from Powder to Ice” and Courage to Persevere, “The triumph over tragedy of Bill Fallon”, co-authored with Bill Fallon. His newest book is 30 years in a White Haze, Dan Egan’s Story of worldwide adventure and the evolution of Extreme Skiing, co-authored with Eric Wilbur. In the winter he can be found at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, Big Sky, Montana and Val D Isere.

Check for his schedule. Dan was inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame along with his brother John in 2016.

Dan Egan

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Dan will share with us his framework for managing risk and how he assess and works with his clients to keep the group safe and ensure they have a great time. And that they are able to push up to and beyond their comfort zone. In my conversation with Dan, it is clear he is about discovering the boundaries of safety. We will find out more about this.

You will get the chance to ask your own questions as well.

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Safety is Freedom podcast

These interviews and discussions are also available as a podcast series that you can access in the usual podcast channels. (Apple, Spotify, Google, Anchor FM and many others). Go to your podcast app and search for Safety is Freedom or Henry’s Avalanche Talk. This means you can listen to the discussions from your phone when exercising or on the move or whereever you choose.

Our first interview in the series was with Henry

Henry shares his story of discovering, experiencing and managing risk and talks about checklists, frameworks and tools he uses to manage risk.

Webinar recordings

Recordings of the webinars are available on our You Tube channel