The town of Val d’Isère is improving its end customer experience by making an extra effort to help foreign service providers to better know the town and be comfortable during their stay for the season.

Part of the town’s ‘welcome campaign’ is an early season meeting that provides foreign tour operators a unique opportunity to meet and hear from not only the expected services such as the office of tourism, but also from members of the Town Hall, town council members, police, fire department and other local organisations.

There is a particular emphasis on mountain safety and accident prevention at the meeting. Henry, featured speaking in the photo, presents each year with the director of the piste patrol on how to best appreciate the local mountains in wintertime through awareness of mountain safety (in both secured and unsecured areas).

The discussion of risks related to the local environment and how to prevent accidents helps these seasonal service providers, and in turn it helps their guests to have a better experience of the town and the ski area.

(photo by Cécile Ferrando)

This town ‘welcome meeting’ presentation is an example of how Henry and HAT are increasingly adding value for professional groups though tailoring the off-piste and avalanche, ‘success and enjoyment in risk environments’ model. Examples of other private talks and events have been for surgeons, police, security, telecoms companies, clubs and schools.

For an idea of how you and your colleagues might benefit from ‘Henry’s Avalanche Talk’, see this link:

Safety is Freedom!