Shred safe off piste with Henrys Avalanche Talk


Mountain safety is no joke. Shred Safe aims to maximize your fun and minimize your risks by offering free avalanche training and mountain safety courses.

Shred Safe have worked with HAT so you can watch Ride Hard Ride Safe – The Essentials online for FREE.  You must sign up on this page before April 1st

Ride Hard ! Ride Safe – The Essentials introduces you to the principles of how to stay safe and find the best snow when you go off piste.

Henry's Avalanche Talk - The EssentialsHenry explains the principles of where and when avalanches occur, what is off piste, when you need to take responsibility for your own decisions and when you can leave that to the ski resort.

In particular, Henry provides a decision framework to help you answer the question “is it safe out there?” He goes on to explain how the answer depends on: where you go and when; how you go down or up; and how well prepared you are.

The series is in 5 parts.  You can see what they are about on this web page click here.

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Listen to Rihanna tell her story about how she was resurrected from the dead by her friends after she was buried on an avalanche

Avalanche Burial- seasonaire skier tells her story from Henry’s Avalanche Talk on Vimeo.









Here Henry explains what Henry’s Avalanche Talk is all about and what you can expect to learn from the training