Essentials Talk 2021

The Essentials Talk helps you answer the critical question “Is it safe out there?” We explain that there is no simple yes or no answer. The right answer is it depends on you. It depends on

  • Where you go and when,
  • How you go down or up and
  • How well prepared you are.

The hour and a half ‘Essentials’ talk explains how to the ACCIDENT REDUCTION FRAMEWORK works and how you can use this to make going off piste just as safe as driving to the resort.

The talk is full of exciting images, videos and stories of accidents, great skiing along with close calls with danger. In this talk, we will deliver a risk management formula that will help you to see how skiing off-piste can be no more dangerous than the activities that you engage in each day.


Watch an introduction to the talk here

The Essentials talk is not just for people new to off piste

We’re going to discuss the latest lessons from recent research on the Human Factor and how it applies to decision making and risk taking in the backcountry and off-piste skiing. Why it is that when there are clear clues indicating danger, people who ‘should know better’ (have the basic training needed in order to recognise these clues) , still get caught out in avalanches?

Henry describes The Essentials talk

“In The Essentials talk, we go into the fundamental aspects of how to make decisions and reduce risks in the backcountry – Where you go and when, how you go down or up and how well prepared you are for a crisis. These skills are crucial to risk management and helping to make off-piste skiing as safe as driving to the resort itself … IF applied”

Pricing and tickets

The live events cost £17.50 per person with reductions for buying 2 or more tickets. This includes a copy of the Pocket Guide which helps you apply the ACCIDENT REDUCTION FRAMEWORK

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 The Zoom event is delivered in two parts on consecutive evenings
It costs £12.50 and does not include a physical copy of the Pocket Guide


Live Talks in Ellis Brigham Stores

The talk will be delivered live at Ellis Brigham Stores and online via a Zoom webinar

Covent Garden   Tuesday 9th November 2020                   2000
Castleford             Monday 15th November 2021.                1930
Manchester           Wednesday 17th November 2021.       1830
Glasgow.                Wednesday 24th November 2021.        1930

Zoom webinar version

Zoom Pt 1.     Tuesday 7th December 2021.                 1800 – 1900
Zoom Pt 2.      Wednesday 8th December 2021           1800 – 1900



Essentials Talk (Covent Garden) 9th Nov 2021

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Essentials Talk (Manchester) 17th Nov 2021

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Essentials Talk (Glasgow) 24th Nov 2021

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Zoom Essentials talk 7th 8th December 2021

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