In depth Talk

NEW FORMAT live webinar, presentation and online discussion

Our in-depth talks build on the Essentials talk and go in depth into four subjects.

  • How avalanches are triggered
  • Where you go and when
  • How you go down or up
  • The Human Factor

How avalanches are triggered

We discuss the latest thinking and theory on how and why avalanches are triggered. This talk uses graphics and video to show you how avalanches can be triggered by one person weighing just 60Kg. Understanding why this happens will help you reduce your risk of being caught.

The Human Factor

We discuss the latest lessons from recent research on the Human Factor and how it applies to decision making and risk taking in the backcountry and off-piste skiing. Why it is that people who should know better, still get caught out in avalanches?

Henry described the in depth talk

“Here we look at how, why and where avalanches are triggered and how you can use that understanding to help manage risk. But it’s the reinforcement of applying these strategies and how to deal with the impulsive action ‘traps’, i.e. not applying our experience and knowledge that then leads to accidents, that we explore in both talks”.

Pricing and tickets

The talks will cost £15 per person with reductions for buying 2 or more tickets.

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Dates and Times

The talk is delivered in two parts.
There are three opportunities to see this talk

Part 1   Tuesday, 10 November 2020         1830 – 1930
Part 2   Wednesday, 11 November 2020   1830 – 1930

Part 1   Sunday, 29 November 2020          1700 – 1800
Part 2   Sunday, 6 December 2020            1700 – 1800

Part 1   Tuesday, 12 January 2021              1830 – 1930
Part 2  Wednesday, 13 January 2021         1830 – 1930


The In depth Talk 10th – 11th November 2020

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The In depth Talk 29th November 6th December 2020

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The In depth Talk 12th 13th January 2021

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