In Depth Talks


The ORTOVOX Off Piste Awareness Tour includes a series of live multimedia talks about how to have fun and be safe while riding off piste this season. There are two versions of the talk:

Ride Hard ! Ride Safe – The Essentials introduces you to the principles of how to stay safe and find the best snow when you go off piste. Our in-depth talks build on that and go in depth into four subjects.

  1. How avalanches are triggered
  2. Where you go and when
  3. How you go down or up
  4. The Human Factor

During the UK tour Henry delivers a live In Depth talk and Q&A on how avalanches are triggered and the human factor

Eventbrite - The Essentials (Chester) Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour

Avalanche, Fornet Val d'Isere

How avalanches are triggered

We discuss the latest thinking and theory on how and why avalanches are triggered. This talk uses graphics and video to show you how avalanches can be triggered by one person weighing just 60Kg. Understanding why this happens will help you reduce your risk of being caught.

The Human Factor

Henry discusses the latest lessons from recent research on the Human Factor and how it applies to decision making and risk taking in the backcountry and off-piste skiing. Why it is that people who should know better, still get caught out in avalanches?

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Covent Garden (London): Thursday, 25th October 2018
Tamworth:  Thursday 1st November 2018
Manchester:   Thursday 15th November 2018
Chelmsford:   Wednesday 28th November 2018
Covent Garden (London):   Thursday 10th January 2019


Eventbrite - The Essentials (Chester) Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour