Report from Back Country Magazine

What a success for the Utah Avalanche Centre and their work to educate backcountry skiers. We have yet to make this kind of progress in Europe. But we are getting there and awareness is increasing. However there is a long way to go to get avalanche education recognised as an essential precondition for going off piste.

UTAH avalanche centre education

Graph of avalanche deaths against numbers doing some avalanche education

The 2017 winter season—bringing record-breaking snowfall, high winds and extreme avy danger on more than one occasion—is over. And Utah has surfaced at the end of this season with the accomplishment of having experienced zero avy deaths. To talk about this milestone and learn more about the variables and influences with this auspicious null death toll, Backcountry Magazine caught up with the director of the Utah Avalanche Centre Mark Staples click here




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You can watch the Utah Avalanche centre’s Know Before You Go training in this video here.  They distribute this freely to help off-piste and backcountry skiers.